Corporate bodies and management

At UniCredit, the EMC is a managerial committee at Group-level to ensure the effective steering, coordination and control of Group business, as well as an effective alignment of the holding company with the different businesses and geographies.

At UniCredit, we have adopted the "traditional" management and control system at Group-level. This governance model allows for an efficient business management, while ensuring effective controls.

Gordan Pehar

Management Board President

Gordan Pehar started his career in UniCredit in 2002 in the Finance Department, in UniCredit Bank d.d. Mostar. He took over the position of the Planning and Controlling Manager in 2008, and, in 2009, Gordan was promoted to the function of the Management Board Member and the Chief Finance Officer. In 2013, he was also in charge of the Risk Management. Gordan had performed the function of the Executive Director and the Management Board Member in charge of Finance in UniCredit Bank d.d. Mostar, until the mid-2016, when he took over the responsibility of the President of the Bank Management Board in UniCredit Bank a.d. Banja Luka. 

Željko Kišić

Management Board Member

Željko Kišić, Management Board member responsible for Corporate and Investment Banking and Retail, with many years of experience in banking, comes from UniCredit Bank Serbia, where he performs the function of the director of the Directorate for Business with medium-sized companies, within the Business sector. Previously, Željko was responsible for several positions within the Risk business area, including the position of Director for approval of placements to large companies, and after that on position - Director of the Credit Approval and Financial Analysis Department for corporate clients. Željko is a graduate economist, in Faculty of Economics in Belgrade, with a defended master's thesis on credit risk in the light of modern banking.

Dragana Janjić

Management Board Member

Dragana Janjić, Management Board member responsible for Risk has been part of the bank's team for 14 years, and she gained and  built most of her professional career  in the Risk business area. Dragana started as a specialist in credit risk monitoring and in July 2015 she has been appointed to the position of Head of Risk Controlling and Basel 2, and since January 2018 to the position of Head of Strategic, Market and Operational Risk. From 01.08.2020. she takes over the position of a Management Board member.

Jasminka Bajić

Management Board Member

Jasminka Bajić, Management Board member responsible for the Finance, started her career within our Bank in 2004 in the GBS business area, as an associate for international payment operations and documentary operations, and then as the Head of the same department. During the following years, Jasminka built her career within the Finance business area, from 2008 as the Head of Asset and Liability Management, and from 2019 as the Head of Planning and Controlling. From August 01.08.2020. she takes over the position of a Management Board member.

Roland Viskupič

Management Board Member

Roland Viskupič, Management Board member, responsible for the Global banking services (GBS), comes from UniCredit Bank in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, which has been responsible for strategy and planning of sales activities, as well as product development and marketing, within the corporate banking segment during his 28-year banking career. He joined UniCredit in 2007 as the Head of Sales and Product Development, and since 2008 he has been taking over the management of the Global Transaction Banking (GTB) department, since when he has been continuously building his professional experience and management skills in various management positions within the Corporate Banking Segment. Roland graduated in the Slovak Technical University, Economics and Management, and then earned an MBA title from Pittsburgh University in Bratislava. 

Anita Grabner

Management Board Member

Anita Grabner, Management Board member responsible for the Human Resources started her career within our Bank in 2010 in the Human Resources business area, in the managerial position of Head of Human Resources. Anita is a graduate psychologist, and previously built her career at UniCredit Bank d.d. Mostar where she performed functions within the business area Human Resources. From April 1, 2021, she takes over the position of a Management Board member.

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