Social Impact Banking

This initiative represents our commitment to building a better, more successful and financially literate society. The aim of this program is to identify, financially support and encourage individuals, organizations and institutions to work in partnership with our Bank and make a positive impact on young people, and then on society in general.

As a Bank, we are committed to working on financial education for young people, namely high school students, with whom we will work on better financial literacy through an online platform.

We will develop the platform in cooperation with the School of Economics in Banja Luka, with which we have formally signed a cooperation agreement today, whose professional professors and students’ interests will help us to develop such content that will help to broaden the future a group of high school students to gain basic and contemporary financial and entrepreneurial skills.


 “At UniCredit Bank Banja Luka, we believe that banks are one of the important drivers of the economy and society, and that we also bear special responsibilities. Social responsibility is becoming more and more of a core business because of our strong role in society. New societal needs are emerging that the public sector cannot cover alone, which opens up opportunities for partnerships and socially beneficial initiatives within the private sector. We believe that people in their behavior should be guided by ethics, respect, core values ​​and sound business principles. That is why Unicredit has initiated the Social Impact Banking program, which will become a key part of UniCredit Bank Banja Luka business. So partnering and networking in local communities is essential for us to achieve sustainable values ​​and do something good for community and future generation."

Gordan Pehar, CEO of the Bank



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